Resources for Prayer and Devotion

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Daily Prayer of Individuals and Families

Our hymnal provides a wonderful section of short prayer services that are intended for use be either individuals or as families. These provide a good guide for prayer in the Morning, at Noon, Early Evening, and at the Close Of The Day. May they be a benefit to you in your prayers each day as we come to God in faith and hope.

Daily Prayer For Individual and Families

Sacred Meditations

In his devotional book Sacred Meditations the young Rev. Johann Gerhard (d. 1637 AD) meditates with beautiful grace upon the Salvation we have in Jesus Christ our Lord. Many of these devotions were written by Gerhard during his own times of suffering, grieving, and even serious illness. For nearly twelve years now this book has been a part of my own daily devotional life. I have attached a free .pdf copy in the link below and it is my hope and prayer that it will be a help and blessing for you. Like Gerhard we are being called to turn to the Lord our God and see His mighty salvation in the midst of our own tumultuous world. May God bless and keep us now and forever. Amen.

Sacred Meditations

The Great Litany

One of the great emphasis of the Season of Lent is prayer. Throughout the centuries many Christians have made use of The Litany for their daily prayers throughout the Season of Lent. During these days when the Coronavirus is disrupting almost every aspect of our daily life we are filled with a great deal of confusion and fear. Our Lord tenderly invites us to believe that He is our true Father and that we are His true children, so that with all boldness and confidence we may come to Him in prayer with all of our fears, cares, and concerns. To assist you in your daily prayers I have attached a copy of the Litany for you to use in your daily prayers at home. During this time of public crisis let us go to God daily in prayer that He may strengthen and deliver us and bring healing to all who are afflicted. You can find a copy of the Litany in the link below, may it enrich and bless your life of prayer as a family or as an individual.

The Litany


The Service of Compline (Prayer at the Close of the Day) is one of the historic prayer offices of the church that is used before going to bed. This service is a beautiful and comforting service of prayer that I would encourage you to use either as an individual or family. It is an easy service to use at home either spoken or sung together. In it our prayers our directed to God who is our Savior and Defender in times of need. You may find a copy of the Service of Compline for your use at home in the link below.

Service of Compline